Engage WiFi Users With Social Login

Free guest WiFi is one of the common WiFi deployments today.

In exchange for complimentary Internet, users will share info with their friends on the social networks.

Case studies reveal that social WiFi login is the preferred user interaction method that provides them free Internet access.

Users are always logged-in on their devices so it usually takes a single click to enjoy free WiFi.

Social WiFi  can be configured to accept login from several social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, VK, Google and Line.

How Social WiFi Works:

Social WiFi Marketing

You’ll gather valuable customer data and use it for email marketing campaigns.

Also, you will understand who your guests are and create marketing campaigns with a big-time ROI.

Data collected include gender, age, location, and other demographics that can be used to prepare highly relevant campaigns. You will get customer email and full name so you can craft campaigns that engage and deliver results.

Boost Social Presence

Receive up to 40% boost than using other solutions. Promote offers to existing and new customers while delivering quality experience in your local network.

Social Networks

Social network login available with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and VK. For those that prefer Email based access, we’ve got it covered too.

Grow your social network

Increase your reach and build a stronger relationship with your customers. With an easy one-time setup, our platform works for you 24/7.

Quick WiFi Access

Guests will get a fast and secure WiFi access with a simple 2-clicks with no password required. It works on any smartphone, tablet, laptop, and any platform iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry…

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